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When I was asked by Michele to start this research I said to myself: “Why not explore the relation between graphic artefacts and urban environment?”. I have always been interested in cities, in their cultural structure and in how people experience urban life.
Therefore, I wanted to know more about graphic design and its practical application in a spatial context. I started my research, then!

The investigation is challenging me, so far. During the last weeks I have read many books and articles, in order to know more about this topic and I have found out how vast is this field. Installations, signage systems, large scale typography, super graphics are all related to environmental graphic design. Besides, its spatial nature implies a strong relationship with architecture, further expanding the research.

At the moment, my main aim is to focus my attention on a specific concept, maybe related with my previous works, in order to develop my practice.

Meanwhile, I have posted few pictures of one of my projects which aim was to rebrand G.Lan-Urban Labs (1), a creative “Urban Space” located in Apulia. The purpose of this project was establish creative laboratories re-using abandoned buildings, in order to support and to develop creativity and original activities.


(1) Grazia Campanella (2014). G_Lan (Online). Available at: (Accessed: 10th Nov 2016).



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