A research of urban lettering

(Typography and lettering in Bristol. Images by Grazia Campanella)

Letterforms, scripts and types, situated in urban landscapes, participate in the definition of social and cultural values of a city. These signs tell stories of places and emphasise the sense of community that exists in a specific area. The purposes of public lettering in our everyday lives are obvious: they convey ideas, mark places and communicate information. Considering my interest in this field, few months ago I have attempted for the first time to record signs and lettering found in Bristol through a photographical report.In line with this project, I would like to further progress my research in the area of urban lettering, relating to the city of Bristol.

My aim will be, therefore recording these signs, found on the street of Bristol, in order to understand how letterforms and types contribute to the creation of the sense of place. This investigation will be based on photographic documentation.

This research could support the development of a classification system, in terms of typeface’s codification and in the attempt of building a “Bristolian alphabet”.




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