Supergraphics and superwomen

agape_southbank_myerscough(Source: designboom. Image by Gareth Gardner)

The book Supergraphics: transforming space (Shaughnessy and Brooks, 2010), that I have read two weeks ago, showcases interviews with several influent designers in supergraphics.In addiction to the history of supergraphics I could read about Morag Myerscough, a talented woman with a strong graphic sensibility.

Her work features a deep love for type and lettering with a celebration of bold and eclectic graphic artefacts. Myerscough’s designs make people smile and are capable to transform simple spaces in places with their own identity.

The installation The Temple of Agape (Butler, 2014), designed by Myerscough and Morgan in 2014, is a celebration of love in all its forms. When the Southbank team asked to the designers to incorporate in the creation of the temple the words: “I have decided to stick with love” (Martin Luter King quote), Myerscough and Morgan gave life to a place where people could experience the power of love and commemorate the concept of Agape (Stephen et al., 2002), the highest form of universal and unconditional love.


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