Research Essay:The role of urban lettering in the recognition of place, a case study of Bristol

blog(Bristol Urban Lettering. Image by Grazia Campanella)

Yesterday I handed in my research essay. It includes a photographic documentation about my typographic enquiry, started few months ago, which purpose was to better know the city of Bristol and its spirit.

My learning objectives were:

  • Explore the typographic landscape, in order to understand how it contributed to the construction and preservation of the sense of place
  • Investigate the role of urban lettering as a form of multiculturalism or resistance against the cultural homogenisation

This research as increased my interest for urban typography; for this reason I intend to continue my urban enquiry !


Urban strategies for better cities

Urbanized(2011). Directed by Gary Hustwit (Film) United States: Plexifilm

I have been watching this documentary twice. It gives and overview of the challenges connected with the design of cities (urban and political crisis ), but also features successful strategies adopted by several cities around the word, opening a discussion on the future of urban landscapes. Continue reading “Urban strategies for better cities”

A research of urban lettering

(Typography and lettering in Bristol. Images by Grazia Campanella)

Letterforms, scripts and types, situated in urban landscapes, participate in the definition of social and cultural values of a city. These signs tell stories of places and emphasise the sense of community that exists in a specific area. The purposes of public lettering in our everyday lives are obvious: they convey ideas, mark places and communicate information. Considering my interest in this field, few months ago I have attempted for the first time to record signs and lettering found in Bristol through a photographical report. Continue reading “A research of urban lettering”

Open to research

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When I was asked by Michele to start this research I said to myself: “Why not explore the relation between graphic artefacts and urban environment?”. I have always been interested in cities, in their cultural structure and in how people experience urban life.
Therefore, I wanted to know more about graphic design and its practical application in a spatial context. I started my research, then! Continue reading “Open to research”